Love over Sting

Love over Sting

I was born premature, in 7 months. No one thought I will be able to make, not family members or relatives. Perhaps with the thought that I will die soon, no one cared to come and bless me like they do to all other new born family members, not even the head of the family, my grandfather!!
But my parents didn’t want to give up! Creator left the space against my parent’s extreme level of care, will and love. I could survive!! But nature had its portion, I was left with poor intelligence and disoriented physical attributes. People were cynical; they laughed at me, use slothful words against my name. Hardly had anyone who could understand my cloven words or incomplete or rambling conversation.
I was alive!! There was nothing more my mother prayed for!! But her dedication and hard work is paid now…. Has now turned to her pride! Her little cripple, silly boy is now grown up, higher than her! Each time she hugs me, I see pride and flawless love for me! Fights against all barriers inside family, stand against all odds in society, my warrior mother could establish me in the society, now having the smile of winner.
There are thousands mother like her, who gave up their lives, struggle and fight each and every day to create a comfortable space for their child to survive in this harsh world. May be the child is cripple or disabled, but they believe in them, they believe one day this child can win the world and become a person resembling renown to scientist, painter, player or singer.
I have experienced that the children with neurological disabilities are often considered as ‘strange being’ and become subject to bullying and harassment. This negative environment influences parents, they are not comfortable having their children with disability seen in public places, also parents of typical/regular children have fear that their children may get affected if they study with students with these disabilities. The child with a disability is considered a curse to the family and a punishment from God; parents, thus, are, metaphorically “sinners”. I firmly believe that only a welfare government can ensure supportive lifestyle of people with disabilities.

‘Parents Forum for Differently Able’ is a voluntary organization formed by the parents to support children with neurological disabilities. This forum has been working as a platform to bring all parents under a common umbrella, networking, information sharing, sharing pain and concerns, counseling, awareness rising and create common bond of understanding and action among parents. It’s a voluntary social welfare organization formed, supported and managed by the parents. It has been advocating on behalf of these children and persons, to gain and protect their rights, so that they can have a life with dignity.

Hundreds and thousands of Bangladeshis have come together to speak against the injustice of justice.


“Geneva Camp”

My photo story on “Geneva Camp” published in November issue on “Amnesty International Magazine” in Netherlands.ImageImageImageImage

Inspiring speech by Hasib Zakaria

Inspiring speech by Hasib Zakaria about Pathshala South Asian Media Academy at the World Press Photo


Mining to extinction:

As the evening light flecks the hill side of Bijoypur Birisiri golden, Shamol sits on his haunches and ponders about his ravaged land.  His eyes are dry, there are no more tears to shed – the houses are gone, the people are gone, the rich fertile land his ancestors farmed in terraced “lum cultivation” has long disappeared. His house is the last bastion but will soon succumb to the devastation caused by white clay mining of Bijoypur Birisiri.

Bijoypur, Durgapur –approximately 300 kms from the capital Dhaka is the northern border area of Bangladesh and the land of the indigenous Hajong, Garo people. For centuries, the Hajong and Garo

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have been the “adivasies” of  Bangladesh,  who followed a religion called Sanatani.  Many of the Garos converted to Christianity during the British rule in the subcontinent but the Hajongs did not follow suit.  Today, nearly 100 percent of the Garo people practice Christianity.

The death knell for the community sounded with the discovery of surface deposits of white clay used in ceramic making. The terraced picturesque land have been bought at lesser than market price by leaseholder companies, who employ the indigenous Hajong and Garo’s — the orginal people and custodians for the land –as labourers .

The clay is mined in open pits, where deposits stretches from  5ft  to as much as 50 feet deep. A male labourer gets $1 for a full day’s work and a woman labor less than $1.  Without the proper implementation and ignoring children’ rights pits have child labourers too. Men loosen the clay and women carry it on baskets on their heads.

In search of a better life and living, many of the Hajon and Garos people have left their Indigenous traditional ways of life, their religion, culture and identity.