Flood in Bangladesh

Sirajganj is a district in Northern Bangladesh. It is a part of the Rajshahi Division. It is a lush district, which has a long history and a very strong cultural trend. The Jamuna river, which is the longest river in Bangladesh. The people of Sirajganj are used t

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o cope with floods, soil erosion and other natural disasters. The economic growth of Sirajganj radically changed and increased after the building of Bangabandhu Bridge (Jamuna Bridge) over Jamuna River.

This year in June the Jamuna River was flowing 48 cm above the danger level at Siraganj point Sunday morning, said sub-divisional engineer of Water Development Board (WDB).On Saturday, it was flowing 40 cm above the danger level. Around 1, 70,000 people of 35,800 families in 41 unions have been suffering from the flood.

Almost every year char peoples are in Sirajganj suffer for flood and they moving to one place to another place for batter live.


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